Italy with CSA 2012

OK, I am down to six pairs of shoes!  I can't help myself, having the right color and comfort is critical.  Actually I like to wear a non tying shoe through security, then I like a light slipper for the airplane ride, and then of course who knows we may want to go dancing on a beautiful night in Siena and what if I only have my clunky tennis shoes?  Granted I have not weighed my suit case yet so who know what will actually make it for the final cut.

On another note Sister Diane our CSA representative will be saying a blessing for us as we leave on this is great to know we will have a whole group of sisters thinking of us and praying for our safe travels each day as well.

Four days and a wake up!!!!
Just read a great travel article about the absolute "best" square to sit out and enjoy people watching in Italy is where we are is Siena's Il Campo.  Been there but it was a bit January so this will be a totally different experience and we are staying over night in Siena so "we can sip a glass of "vin santo" and watch the light bath the red brick stone...." Rick Steves.


Opening Comments for The Best of Italy Blog - April 13, 2012:

The excitement begins to mount with preparations fully underway for our travelers, including Wayne & Valerie. If everyone is like us, we are all rushing to make final arrangements, i.e., what's the weather going to be like, what to pack, do we have international capabilities set in our phone, did I get Euros, etc.

No matter, this has the feeling of a great trip and I have little doubt our travelers will have a fantastic & positive experience. We hope you will follow us with enthusiasm and interest.

One other point. Please keep in mind, if you decide to call someone on the trip, we'll be 7 hours ahead of Midwest time so if you call at 8 p.m., you'll be waking someone up at 3 a.m.!!!

Wayne & Valerie Graczyk
Someday Travel Directors