Rhine River Cruise 2016

August 23, 2016

After a week of entering blog pictures and stories I got home to give the blog some final touches...and I accidently deleted the entire weeks worth of cruising and shore excursions. For this I apologize and will now not try to duplicate what was, rather I will use pictures to tell the story of our adventure ON THE RHINE RIVER CRUISE.

Wayne Graczyk
Someday Travel

Our fantastic travelers, minus two persons. Bob Chase, Diane Chase, Mike Breszee, Sue Breszee, Randy Wendling, Carrie Wendling, Rich Lila, Pat Baudendistel, Ed Blatz, Jill Lila, Jeanne Pethan, Del McCarthy, Wally Tesch, Lynn Baudendistel, Sandy Tesch, Monica Blatz, Camille Meyers, Wayne Graczyk, Gail Rollins, Terri Cox and Valerie Graczyk.

Our two travelers not on first picture...on left is Edith Hernandez with her daughter Julie right behind her. Of course we can't stop there. Diane Chase, Monica Blatz and Bob Chase round out this great picture with some of the fantastic scenery and castles in the back ground.

August 8 & 9 - Amsterdam and Volendam

Amsterdam is actually a city built out of the sea so is below sea level. Fantastic Achievement began in the 17th century. Volendam is a picturesque fishing village. We all agreed we could have stayed an entire day there if time permitted.

A bit of rain didn't damper spirits. It was comfortable and windy but somehow it was better traveling than the final two days which were in the low 80's. Carrie and Randy Wendling (40th Anniversary trip for them).

Our wonderful ship at dock in Amsterdam

Maybe I should have used this to introduce you to Julie and Edith?


We arrived a "wee bit early" so we all sat in the ship's lounge
waiting for our cabins to be ready.

Before going ashore in Amsterdam to eat we posed for a picture with our ship.
One thing for sure...you never left the breakfast, lunch or dinner table hungry!
Our excellent guide as we traversed the canals of  Amsterdam.
In Volendam - why dress when you can take a picture of the local garb?
Our guide getting his daily protein...swallowing a herring whole!
Volendam was just beautiful and quaint...
The sun popped out as we docked in Cologne
Serious shuffle board games prior to landing.

The intensity heightened...get 'em Sue.
While other's just relaxed on the sun deck.

Or others just watched the ship as it docked.

The magnificent Cathedral of Cologne

After the tour of Cologne all were free to explore and/or eat at their leisure.

We had a Bavarian Day on the ship. Don't we look happy...right Sue?
August 11 - Cochem

Enjoying our visit to the a beautiful Reichsburg Castle which we toured.
Wine tasting and right across from where the ship was docked. Great setting.

A romantic toast for Rich's 65th BD celebrated on Aug 13
August 12 -Kublenz and Rudesheim


Just a few of the 32 castles and palaces along the Rhine River.

Wally at the Music Museum- He was the hit of the visit!

The ship docked next to us had a live band so we all went up on deck to dance. It sort of put our "live music" in the back row...but all had a ton of fun dancing under the moonlight.

"Mama Mia....what a great time" says Diane and Monica

August 13 - Heidelberg Castle & Speyer


Our guide explaining the footprint in the cement with all the charm of a theater buff.
Lynn in front of the small barrel...water or wine?



August 14 - Strasbourg - Canal Boat Cruise

The monumental Strasbourg Cathedral
We felt secure...a sign of the times in our modern world.

A picture of the canal in Strasbourg France to end our trip.

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  1. Many superlatives could be used on this cruise, but Wayne and Valery are the best. I loved the Rhine River cruise and excursions....Gail